Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greg Nagy Talks Up New Live Root Doctor Disc

Here's a brand new Novemer 2008 interview with guitarist Greg Nagy of the Michigan-based band Root Doctor. Root Doctor, which specializes in highly infectious soul/blues, has just released a brand new live CD called "Live at the Cadillac Club". Greg talks in depth about the CD, as well as Root Doctor's 2007 BMA nominated studio record "Change Our Ways". Other topics covered include Greg's experiences wih Root Doctor since joining up a few years back, his own upcoming solo project, the group dynamic within the band, and of course - the music. Root Doctor was in my neck of the woods this past summer at the Pocono Blues Festival and was a hit with the crowd. Do try to catch the band live in your town - you won't be disappointed. Thanks to Greg for the chat - it's always a pleasure to talk with a musician that's so dedicated to his craft. Visit Root Doctor online at for more info on the live CD and all things Root Doctor.

Listen To The November 2008 Interview With Root Doctor's Greg Nagy:

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