Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gunnar Nelson On Paying Tribute To His Legendary Father

Here's a new May 2008 interview with Gunnar Nelson. Gunnar, who of course is half of melodic rockers Nelson along with brother Matthew, is gearing up to hit the road along with Matthew and The Stone Canyon Band. The Nelsons will present "Ricky Nelson Remembered" - a series of shows in tribute to their late, great superstar father. Gunnar chats here about the origins of the tribute show, and what audiences can expect at the shows. He also shares some memories of his father, including his thoughts on his dad's music, and what it's like being involved with a musical legacy that runs as deep as his family's. Gunnar also chats about the original lineup of Nelson hitting the road this summer - the first time in 15 years, and also talks about his and Matthew's Scrap Metal side project. Gunnar was a most gracious interview subject; I can't thank him enough for his time - which he doesn't have much of these days being involved with three different bands! Check out the following link for information on the "Ricky Nelson Remembered" tour, as well as Nelson's music:

Listen To The May 2008 Interview With Gunnar Nelson:

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