Saturday, August 16, 2008

These Are "Ever Changing Times" For Steve Lukather

Here's a brand new May 2008 interview with the great Steve Lukather. This chat revolves around Steve's brand new solo record "Ever Changing Times" which is out now in most of the world and June 3rd in the U.S. In this interview I go in depth with Steve about the writing and recording of the record. He even filled me in on the cast of amazing players who lent their time - including guests like Bill Champlin and Joseph Williams. Steve's son Trevor was also a big part of the record - we talk about that as well. "Ever Changing Times" is a masterful melodic rock album that fans of Steve's work with Toto will appreciate, and his hardcore guitar audience will find something to take away from this as well. Thanks to Steve for the chat, well as Dave at Rising Talent Group for makign this happen. Steve will beout on the road in '08 and beyond - check him out at

Listen To The May 2008 Interview With Steve Lukather:

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