Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jon Schaffer Talks Iced Earth's "Dystopia"

Here's a new, February 2012 interview with founding Iced Earth guitarist, songwriter, and main man Jon Schaffer. In this nearly 20-minute chat, Jon talks in detail about Iced Earth's latest opus, "Dystopia," the first record to feature new lead vocalist Stu Block - formerly of Into Eternity. Jon details the writing behind the album's themes of society gone astray, and being controlled in a world a chaos - he and Stu grabbing ideas from movies like Dark City and V For Vendetta. He also talks about the band's time in the studio, producing the record with Jim Morris at famed Morrisound Studios in Florida. Currently in the midst of a North American tour with support from Symphony X and Warbringer, Jon talks about Iced Earth's history, and his views on the music business and Iced Earth's struggle to stay afloat in a cutthroat climate. He speaks of the band's influence on a younger generation of musicians - one of which Jon reveals to be the band Volbeat, of whom Jon says lead vocalist/guitarist Michal Poulson is a longtime fan. A chat with Jon wouldn't be complete without the topic of politics, something of which Jon is never afraid to speak his mind. Listen in for Jon's views on the state of the U.S. in this election year. Make sure to visit Iced Earth online at for more on the band, and a complete list of live dates. Thanks so much to Jon for the interview! *Photo credit to Justin Borucki

Listen To The February 2012 Interview With Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer:


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