Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bill Leverty Provides Some "Southern Exposure"

Here's a new November 2007 interview with Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty. Bill's got a great new solo instrumental CD out called "Southern Exposure", which we got the chance to chat about in depth. Bill talked about writing and recording for the CD, his guitar sound and technique on the CD, as well as his affiliation with Grem guitars (like the one pictured in the photo). We also talked about Firehouse, who by the way keeps on tearing it up on the road. What else? You'll have to listen to the interview. Thanks to Bill for the interview - he's a great guy to talk to and a truly underrated guitar player. Pick up a copy of "Southern Exposure", available at Bill's website:

Listen To The November 2007 Interview With Bill Leverty:

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