Thursday, December 27, 2007

Drinking Some "Sloe Gin" With Joe Bonamassa

Here's a brand new October 2007 interview with blues guitar gunner Joe Bonamassa. In this one Joe chats about his new CD "Sloe Gin", and the process that went with recording it. He also gives insight on working with producer Kevin Shirley, and how Shirley played a role in Joe gaining confidence with his vocal style. Other topics include how Joe feels about being one of the "new guitar heroes", his current "Blues in the Schools" program, and touring with current road mates Sam Bush and Crosby Loggins (yes, the son of Kenny). I found Joe to be a cool, laid back interview subject, even after my cell phone cut out mid interview! Do yourself a favor and check out "Sloe Gin" - you won't be disappointed. In addition to Joe's guitar work and his original tracks on the CD, there are a few interesting choices of cover tunes (including Chris Whitley's "Ball Peen Hammer" and Bad Company's "Seagull"). Don't forget to check out Joe on the net at

Listen To The October 2007 Interview With Joe Bonamassa:

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