Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guitarist Tracy G Unleashes "Goaded" Project

Here's a brand new January 2008 interview with guitarist Tracy G - talking about everything relating to his latest project, Goaded. Goaded is a band Tracy put together with drummer Ray Luzier, bassist Larry Dennison, and vocalist Jason Witte; it's crushing, melt-your-face metal at it's best. The Goaded CD is due out in January as you'll hear Tracy explain. Other topics included in the 30 minute chat include Tracy talking about his studio and live guitar/rig setups, his thoughts on his past recordings (which are extensive!), as well as his thoughts on his time playing guitar for Dio during the 1990's (check out Dio's "Strange Highways" through the "Inferno" live CD). Thanks to Tracy for the interview, he's a cool guy to talk to - and a first rate musician who truly puts the music first. Check out Tracy's website for updates at

Listen To The January 2008 Interview With Tracy G:

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