Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smash Palace Returns With "Everybody Comes and Goes"

Welcome to the first new Musician's Voice interview of 2008. It's a chat with one of my favorite musicians - Steve Butler of the band Smash Palace. I won't go into detail about the band's history - you can scroll down the page to an earlier interview I did with Steve that covers that. This chat is about the band's excellent new CD "Everybody Comes and Goes". Really, this album is highly recommended. If you like Beatle-esque pop with an edge, this is the band for you - actually, there's even a Beatles cover on this record. Steve talks here in detail about the writing, recording, and very cool artwork on "Everybody Comes and Goes". There's also a great story that Steve has about a hidden track on the new CD. Take a listen to the interview, then check out the band at www.smashpalacemusic.com. Thanks again to Steve for the chat - he's truly one of the nicest guys in music.

Listen To The January 2008 Interview With Steve Butler:

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