Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Chat With Nat Johnson From Derby

Here's a new July 2008 interview with vocalist/guitarist Nat Johnson from the band Derby (Nat's the guy in the center of the picture to your left). The Portland, Oregon based band has just released their second CD titled "Posters Fade". The disc is total pop rock bliss - and no, pop's not a dirty word if Nat has anything to say about it. Here Nat talks in depth about the new CD - writing, recording, producing (the band self-produced this one and it sounds great), and anything else involving the disc. He also talks about the band's history - and where he'd like to see the band headed in the future, the live music scene in Portland (which he says is incredible), and what fans can expect from the band's live shows. Derby is definitely a band on the rise - check them out and I gurantee you won't be disappointed; talk about well crafted 3 minute pop songs that'll stick in your head! Thanks to Nat for the interview, he's truly passionate about the music. Make sure you visit Derby's website at

Listen To The July 2008 Interview With Nat Johnson From Derby:

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