Saturday, August 2, 2008

Drummer Michael Cartellone's Convergence Of Music and Fine Art

Here's a brand new interview with world class drummer Michael Cartellone. Michael, as you may know, was the drummer for Damn Yankees and is currently playing drums for Lynyrd Skynyrd - a gig he's held for the last 10 years. In this interview Michael and I chat about his musical career - from his beginnings in Ohio to Damn Yankees and Skynyrd, and many sessions and tours in between. Fact: Michael has never played drums for Michael Bolton, which I mistakenly stated in my intro to the interview. As you'll hear, we got a laugh out of that one. Michael was a good sport. Another topic covered was Michael's artwork - he's a fantastic artist. He chats about his paintings and even how the rest of Lynyrd Skynyrd pulled up in the tour bus at one of his gallery shows. Thanks to Michael for the interview, he's truly one of the nicest musicians I've had the pleaseure of speaking with. Make it a point to check out Michael's art at

Listen To The February 2008 Interview With Michael Cartellone:

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