Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guitarist Rick Richards On The Georgia Satellites, Izzy Stradlin, and The Art Of Slide Guitar

Here's a February 2008 interview with guitarist Rick Richards of The Georgia Satellites. In this one Rick chats a bit about the Satellites past, and what it's like playing with the revamped lineup of the band these days. I also got to ask Rick about Izzy Stradlin - who Rick's been playing with for over 15 years now. RIck was a member of Izzy's Ju Ju Hounds, and has since remained playing guitar on Stradlin's solo records. I also got to ask Rick about his killer slide guitar playing, which in my opinion adds the perfect amount of kick to the Satellites and Izzy's records. This one was done specifically for a shorter magazine article, so it's not the most in-depth thing I've ever done, but it was cool to chat with one of southern rock's finest. If you ever get the chance to meet Rick, you'll see that he's a cool, laid-back character - and a good guy. Check out The Georgia Satellites - who still do plenty of touring - at

Listen To The February 2008 Interview With Rick Richards: