Monday, October 20, 2008

Henrick Ostergaard On The Return Of Dirty Looks

Here's a brand new September 2008 interview with Dirty Looks vocalist/guitarist Henrick Ostergaard. After about a decade of downtime, Dirty Looks is back and more fierce than ever. They put out a record called "Gasoline" in 2007, currently have "Superdeluxe" on the shelves, and are set to release a new one called "California Free Ride" - which Henrick is extremely pleased with. In the interview, I ask Henrick about the new Dirty Looks material, having former members Paul Lidel and Jack Pyers back on board, upcoming live dates, his thoughts on the first phase of Dirty Looks ('80's - '96), and much more. I also chat with him about my homebase of Scranton, PA - which the band frequented quite a bit back in the day, and still has a solid fanbase. "California Free Ride" will be out in October - check the website below for details. Many thanks to Henrick for the chat - he's got more than a few people looking forward to having Dirty Looks come out and kick their butts again. Visit the band online at

Listen To The September 2008 Interview With Henrick Ostergaard:

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