Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sister Hazel's Ryan Newell On "Before The Amplifiers"

Here's a brand new September 2008 interview with guitarist Ryan Newell from Sister Hazel (Ryan's the guy standing in the middle of this pic). Sister Hazel's got an amazing new live acoustic CD appropriately titled "Before The Amplifiers - Live Acoustic". Ryan talks in depth about the disc in this interview, including how the band decided to do it (the fans had a big part in that), how the band went about re-tooling many of their songs for the performance, and much more. Ryan also reveals plans for Sister Hazel's next studio album, which he says they'll begin work on in October. He also talks a bit about Sister Hazel's sound over the years, and his thoughts about the band being indie as related to their years on Universal Music. Truth be told, You can't get a much better example than "Before The Amplifiers" of a great acoustic record. The sound is pristine, the performances are tight, and the audience enthusiastic. Check out the record, you won't be disappointed. Visit Sister Hazel online at

Listen To The September 2008 Interview With Sister Hazel's Ryan Newell:

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