Saturday, January 31, 2009

Todd Wolfe On "Borrowed Time"

Here's a new December 2008 interview with guitarist/vocalist Todd Wolfe. Todd's here to chat about his latest CD "Borrowed Time" - which is a fine textbook example of blues-rock. Todd should know, he's been at it for over 25 years, both as a solo artist and ensemble member. Notably, he's been lead guitarist with Sheryl Crow's band. Todd spent several years during the 1990's touring and recording with Crow - he talks a bit about that here. Todd talks in-depth about the new CD - the recording process, song selection, etc. Speaking of song selection, there are some outstanding tracks here. Todd invited Leslie West, former Sheryl Crow bassist Tad Wadhams, and Philly vocalsit Mary Hawkins for cameos on the record, and the performances are outstanding. Make sure you visit Todd's website at for more info on the record as well as Todd's upcoming live dates.

Listen To The December 2008 Interview With Todd Wolfe:

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