Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ken Block Steps Out Solo With "Drift"

Here's a brand new January 2009 Interview with Sister Hazel vocalist Ken Block. The main topic of this interview was Ken's brand new solo record - "Drift". A fine convergeance of melody, songwriting, and heart, the record will appeal to Sister Hazsel fans for sure, but also to serious music fans who enjoy a great song. Ken talks about how he came to write and record the record, the process of recording in Nashville with some A-list musicians. some of the song choices on the record, and much more. He also talks about some upcoming projects, including a book he's working on as well as a new Sister Hazel record. Then, of course, there's Rockboat - the music themed cruise Ken and his Sister Hazel bandmates were about to embark on when we spoke. Thanks to Ken for the chat - he and the rest of the Hazel guys are some of the coolest, most down to earth players in the biz. Do check out Ken's way cool online presence at for more on Ken and "Drift".

Listen To The January 2009 Interview With Ken Block:

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