Tuesday, December 22, 2009

John Lilley's Lucky Kinda Debut

Here's a new November 2009 interview with guitarist John Lilley of The Hooters. John's been one of the coolest musician's I've had the fortune of chatting with over the years; this is actually the second interview with John featured on this site. Interestingly enough, the first interview was when his solo project was just taking shape. Now, we come full circle a year later with the release of John's debut solo record "Lucky Kinda Guy." We talk in depth about the record here, notably the journey that John took to make this record. John took his time with the release of the record - perfecting the songs, and making sure the vibe was comfortable and not rushed. The songs really did take on a life of their own. The atmosphere here is vintage Americana; roots-inflected rock with crisp acoustic shades, not to mention John's cool as ice baritone. Make shure you visit John online at www.johnlilley.com for more on his solo voyage.

Listen To The October 2009 Interview With The Hooters' John Lilley:

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