Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farcry Roars Into "High Gear"

Here's a brand new March 2009 interview with guitarist Pete Fry of the band Farcry. Farcry, which specializes in sizzling, hard, hook-laden, melodic rock - is releasing their debut CD "High Gear" this month via Kivel Records. In this interview, Pete and I chat about the history of the band, what went into the writing and recording of the new CD, the group dynamic within the band, and their relationship with Kivel Records among other things. Pete, who also happened to put out a killer hard rock opus with the band Rockarma last year, talks a bit about his experience with that band as well. Farcry is set to play at this years Dakota Rockfest - one of the U.S.'s premiere hard rock festivals. Pete played there with Rockarma last year, and he gives us his thoughts on the fest. If you're a fan of infectious, driving, melodic hard rock - check out Farcry's debut "High Gear" - you won't be dissapointed. Thanks to Pete for the interview, it was great to talk music with a guy who's in it for the love of the craft. For more info on the band, and to hear a few tracks off the new disc, check out, and their label to order the CD.

Listen To The March 2009 Interview With Pete Fry of Farcry:

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