Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bill Champlin's Got "No Place Left To Fall"

Here's a brand new June 2009 interview with singer/songwriter Bill Champlin. Bill talks here about his new solo CD "No Place Left To Fall" - a classy mix of pop, funk, soul, and rock that is sure to please fans of Bill's past solo work, as well as fans of his stuff from Sons of Champlin and Chicago. Bill talks about the CD's inception, from writing to production. He also talks about working on some tracks with his son Will, who is a skilled singer/songwriter himself. Notably, the track "Tuggin' On Your Sleeve", which features Will on co-lead vocals, is a pure slice of funky bliss. Bill also talks a bit about his days with Sons of Champlin, a band who in its heyday rivaled Santana and the Grateful Dead for the hottest ticket in San Francisco. He also chats a bit about Chicago, who Bill's been a part of since the early 1980's. Interestingly enough, the day I talked with Bill, Chicago had just done a gig at Madison Square Garden in NYC the night before - the band's still packin' em in live. Make sure to visit Bill's website at www.billchamplin.net for more on the CD "No Place Left To Fall". Thanks to Bill for the chat, he couldn't have been more personable.

Listen To The July 2009 Interview With Bill Champlin:

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