Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spider Rockets Take Flight

Here's a brand new June 2009 interview with vocalist Helena Cos of the New Jersey based rock outfit Spider Rockets. The band has recently released their new self-titled CD - with a heavy, yet melodic sound that will entice fans running the gamut from old school hard rockers, to outright metalheads. The band channels emotions from dark and forboding, to melancholy, to bombastic - making for some fantastic ear candy. In this interview, Helena talks a bit about the band getting together, the process of making the new CD, her thoughts on being a female vocalist in a heavy rock band, influences, the band's live shows, and so much more. If you're new to the band, check out this interview for a great primer. Make sure to stop by the band's website at, where you can also pick up the new self-titled disc. Thanks to Helena for the interview, it was great to chat with her.

Listen To The July 2009 Interview With Spider Rockets' Helena Cos: