Saturday, December 12, 2009

Phil Ehart Opens Up A "Native Window"

Here's a brand new June 2009 interview with Kansas drummer Phil Ehart (that's Phil on the far left in this photo), who also happens to be the drummer in the new... well... new in name only band Native Window. Native Window, though technically a new band, is actually made up of 4/5 of Kansas (minus Steve Walsh). The guys formed this side project after Walsh had passed on writing new Kansas material a few years back. The Native Window self-titled debut is available this month via Star City Records and iTunes, and if you're a fan of Kansas, you do yourself a favor and pick this one up. While not the "traditional" Kansas sound - if there actually is one - the record boasts fantastic songwriting, vocal harmony galore, and the amazing musicianship you'd expect from Kansas. In this chat, Phil talks about the record in depth, his thoughts on it, and a bit about Kansas as well. Phil was truly a class act - thanks to him for the chat. Thanks also to the fine folks at Chipster PR for setting this one up.

Listen To The June 2009 Interview With Kansas/Native Window's Phil Ehart:

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