Monday, March 15, 2010

A Chat With The Legendary Ray Davies

Here's a brand new March 2010 interview with the legendary Ray Davies of The Kinks fame. One of rock's best songwriters, Ray brought his solo acoustic show to Scranton, PA in March - which was the purpose of this chat. I did a review of Ray's show, as well as an article for an upcoming issue of Connections Magazine. In this 15 minute interview, Ray talks about the current solo acoustic tour, and his sideman for the duration - guitarist Bill Shanley, who perfectly compliments Ray's storytelling and endless catalog of rock 'n roll classics. The two guitarists compliment each other, and the show is mesmerizing - dont miss it if you get a chance to check it out. Other topics include Ray's current "Kink Choral Collection" disc, where he spices Kinks classics with a full choir - amazing! We also touch on Ray's thoughts on The Kinks' legacy, as well as his future plans to do a collaboration record. Check out Ray online at, and discover, or re-discover for that matter, the genius that is Ray's music.

Listen To The March 2010 Interview With Ray Davies:

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